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Order Fulfillment

We proudly fulfill over 3000 orders each day. Once your products are stored in our warehouse, they are ready to be processed, picked, repackaged (if required) and shipped to your customers, wherever and whenever they need them.

3DM offers you the flexibility of various pick & pack options, high volume distribution and other customized solutions for your B2B or B2C products.

Technology Usage

Technology is on your side with 3DM. We utilize real-time inventory tracking and scan product SKUs through every stage of the fulfillment process, providing our clients with the control, efficiency and peace-of-mind  they expect.

Think of 3DM as your complete B2C or B2B e-commerce fulfillment centre.

Dedicated project managers for individualized service.

Kitting, Packaging, and More

From mass, identically packed orders, to smaller customized shipments, outsource it all to 3DM and save time and money! During our 25+ years in business, we’ve pretty much handled every special order requirement you can think of.

Regardless of the way your products are packaged, 3DM has the manpower, capability and resources to repack, overwrap, kit, assemble/disassemble, gift wrap and label your products so they get to your customers customized just the way you want them. We can also shrink wrap, polybag and barcode your merchandise.

Kitting, Packaging and More

FBA (Amazon) Preparation

Amazon has strict receiving guidelines that are sometimes hard to follow, if this is not your expertise. 3DM has worked countless times with FBA and knows exactly how to prepare your stock. Leave it to us to unload your products in bulk at our facility and pre-package them exactly to Amazon’s specifications. Leave it to 3DM to handle your inventory while you focus on growing your business!

Amazon FBA

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