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Inventory Management

Our state of the art Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides you with information and reports on shipment status, order status, inventory levels and more – all in real time. Our capabilities include lot and expiry date tracking, as well as bar code scanning for a higher level of efficiency.

At 3DM, we process tens of thousands of items every day with exceptional accuracy.

Order Management

3DM offers fully customized Order Management solutions. For optimum efficiency, each order is managed by our WMS every step of the way. We also offer EDI services to link to your clients, if required.

From picking and packing, through to kitting, labelling and shipping, your products are always under our watchful eyes – as well as yours, since our order management solutions can easily interface with your company’s operating systems.

Over 20,000 items processed and managed daily.

B2C and B2B

Whether your business is based in Canada or the U.S… whether you’re a bricks and mortar establishment or an e-store operating in cyberspace… whether your products are pint-sized or pallet-sized, 3DM can manage your logistics operations with impeccable precision.

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