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Web Development

At 3DM, our in-house web development team specializes in integration between your e-commerce website and our fulfillment centre with ease. With over 15 years of experience in web design and development, graphic design and online marketing, we fulfill the needs of our clients with professional services. We enable them to seamlessly enhance their business performance and increase online visibility for their products.

We specialize in integrating various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify and Amazon. In addition, we provide custom web development integration which widens our reach to serve our clients and provide the necessary solutions.


If you are a B2C or B2B business selling your products over the web, we can create and implement an effective e-commerce website for your company. This includes order entry and processing, shopping cart functionality, high level encryption, site management and even marketing to increase customer traffic and maximize purchases. We can also simply link our WMS to your existing e-commerce site via web-services and APIs.

A positive customer experience leads to more orders and more recommendations. Increase your bottom line, with an online e-commerce site designed by 3DM.

Client’s Portal Access

Our specially tailored client portal gives you access to a real-time view of everything you need. This will  permit you to run your operations smoothly, allowing you to manage your stock via your location.

General Features Available:

  • Inventory level
  • Sku usage
  • Order status
  • Order tracking
  • Backorder reports
  • Receiving Status
  • KPI Tracking

Customization available upon request.

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