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Product Shipment

When it is time to ship your products  from our distribution center  to your customers, 3DM delivers. We partner with worldwide carriers such as; ATS Healthcare, Canada Post, Canpar, DHL, FedEx, Nationex, Purolator, UPS, USPS as well as other North American freight carriers. This allows us to move your goods quickly and economically, and,  thanks to our high volume of parcels being shipped daily, we can share our economies of scale to offer you the most competitive shipping costs. Complete customs brokerage services are also available to ensure all your shipments are cleared smoothly.

Whether you are a Canadian company or a U.S. based company shipping to Canadian customers, we have you covered! Distributing via 3DM will get your merchandise out faster, more efficiently and at a reduced cost.

We ship thousands of orders across North America  on a daily basis. Whether in full truckloads to superstores, LTL shipments  to smaller customers, or courier parcels direct to consumers, 3DM’s postal, courier and shipping solutions can handle the load. We can distribute to B2C and/or B2B, depending on your needs.

Truck Loading with Electric Jigger

Your logical choice in logistics and fulfillment.


In addition to knowing the status of your products while they are in our distribution center, you can also follow them “en route” to your customers. Your orders can be tracked in real time every step of the way, via our web-based system. In-transit management reporting, e-mail notifications, as well as delivery confirmations are also offered.

And should any issue ever arise, our customer support is always there for you.


Sometimes products  are returned to our warehouse. They may be undeliverable due to a wrong or incomplete address, damaged or defective, or your customer simply may have just changed his/her mind. Whatever the case, our returns management department will do whatever is necessary to get those returned goods back into inventory, back to the customer or even back to you.

Our online tracking system will also automatically keep you in the loop with real time status updates and reports.

EDI Capabilities

We are fully equipped to help you service small to extremely large retailers. Our EDI integration to your ordering system will help you meet the demands of your multi-national retail clientele.

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