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Our Company

3DM has been a Leader in logistics, fulfillment and supply chain management for E-Commerce companies for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in providing the fastest and most cost effective delivery of clients’ goods to consumers, thus maximizing their E-Commerce experience.

Recognized for our customized services and flexibility, we offer our clients an impressive array of 3PL solutions. Whether you require top to bottom supply chain management or just a little help with warehousing, orders or distribution, we’ll make it happen.

We have a 75,000 square foot warehouse and proudly fulfill over 3,000 orders a day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients logistic services, solutions and support of the highest calibre to improve efficiency and accelerate the company’s growth. No matter the challenge, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your entire 3PL experience is not only a profitable one, but an enjoyable one as well!


The 3DM head office and warehouse are strategically located in Montreal, Quebec, in eastern Canada. We are seconds away from the Trans-Canada Highway, minutes from the Montreal International Airport and an hour from the U.S. border. All that translates into easy, direct access to ensure your products get to us (and your customers) quickly and cost effectively.

Wherever you need to ship, all roads lead to, and from, 3DM.

Customized not Compromised

Above all, we pride ourselves on the customized solutions and flexibility we offer. We adapt to fit the needs of our clients in order to help their bottom line and keep them competitive. 3DM provides services such as:

  • Pick, Pack, Ship
  • Labelling
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Remote servicing
  • Direct marketing solutions
  • E-commerce integration


Consumer Goods

While we store, manage and ship a multitude of products, we are especially experienced with consumer packaged goods. With 3DM as your logistics provider, you can be sure your valuable products will be expertly managed from the time they arrive in our warehouse, to the time your consumers receive them.

Pharmaceutical Sector

At 3DM, we are accustomed to managing products with special requirements. Within our pharmaceutical division,  we must abide by highly stringent compliance standards.

We provide complete logistics services for both the physician sampling and medical representatives’ fulfillment programs for most major Canadian pharmaceutical companies. These programs have a zero-error tolerance and we are proud of our continued success in this tightly regulated and monitored sector.

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